Monday, June 28, 2010


Well...Hi. This is my blog, my name is Kiba, and I forgot about this place, but i figure there's no time like the present to make a post. Shit has changed in the last six months, i swear. I think I'm in love...I think. College is a month in a half away, HOLY SH*T, I am not ready. I mean, mentally, I'm ready to go, but physically, I need to take care of some things, like loans. I don't find out who I dorm with until late July, and move in around mid August, so the rest is just a waiting game. I apply for work study in early august, because I'm broke, and my family can't afford to pay, just like everyone else.

My Zune is just about full of music, so I'm pull a Jay-Z and be on to the next one, a 64 GB iPod Touch. Hell yes, I'm greedy like that, didn't you know? Best part is, neither me or my family will pay for it. Lockerz will. I have a plan, its bound to work, don't doubt me. I'm getting down, and summer is only half way done, if even that. This loneliness is killing me inside, and my lack of progress in anything that matters pisses me off, but I know i won't do anything about it...I lack motivation.

Lets hope the next few months are better, and now I just can't wait for one of my best friend's to get back from her grandmother's house, i need to talk to her, and I miss her. Oh, and I FUCKIN GRADUATED, SO SUCK IT! ...Mmm, that feels good.


BTW: the title is from the song "Minutes" by Late Night Alumni, one of my favorite super groups (because it has Kaskade, who i would go bi for.) Look it up, its soft, smooth, and kinda cute. Good for evenings.