Sunday, August 29, 2010


Thats what friendship is, thats what peace is, thats what this is. Why am I dealing with other people's shit right now? I think I've been asking myself that question all summer and I still don't have a good answer. Does teenage angst continue past the early teenage years, or is regular angst justifiable? I feel a headache coming on, I'll leave it at that. Song of the post is Daft Punk's Fragile from Tron Legacy. I'm gonna go finish my homework and sleep. When I wake up, I hope the world has its sanity back. Goodnight


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Potatoes (aka Short Post)

I would like to make a short post tonight, as I reflect on my life and feelings, namely while listening to my music at 0.7x the normal speed. Very trippy experience, I assure you. My first week here at college has ended, and has left me feeling slightly overwhelmed, yet totally at home. I love it here, but i have noticed my lack of true free time and the loss of interest in some of my internet activities. We'll see how much week 2 changes me eh?

For Drawing I (a course I have tues/thurs), we have been assigned an extra credit project: do one drawing in your sketchbook every day. Today, mine was of a girl, her long wavy hair creating the katakana for my name, and a couple of words along the outer strands. The trippy music and a woman who has captured my heart on and off were the inspiration for this. I find myself unable to truly talk to her, but she visits my thoughts on a regular basis. Our current common ground is somber, and honestly, I would be fine not talking to her, not uttering a word, if i could just once hold her in my arms. I wonder if she smells of cigarettes...I wonder if it even matters. I don't think it does in the end, I would still want her in my arms. I don't even care that she's taller than me. I smile when i think of her single dimple when she smiles, i think its cute. I even called her once, the call didn't last long, but my heart did an unmanly flutter...ugh. She'd never earn my ire, my moodiness, my anger, but I would gladly give her my happiness, my dry wit, and maybe even my love, if not just tender affection, and tender and I don't even get along.

Part of me wants to link this to her, but I think that would be...odd? Eh, not sure if she'd even approve...Wasn't this supposed to be a short post? I'll post again at some point. I love you all who read this, honestly.

Song of the post is Sia's "Sweet Potatoes" (at 0.7x speed)