Tuesday, July 20, 2010

End It Tonight

Now, this is the title solely because it's the song I'm listening to when i decided to post. Don't get any ideas people. Now onto the real subject of this post: Music. Never, never ever, EVER call me a music purist, or i will embarrass the hell out of you. See, while i like many genres of music and thousands upon thousands of songs, I'm also a simple guy. I'll keep a song on rotation just because it balances raunchy lyrics with a good beat. Hell, i may not even understand or decipher the lyrics of a song until days or weeks later, but if it sounds good, its a keeper. Yup, I'm that type of guy. A song just has to sound good, or elicit some sort of emotion out of me, and BAM, I'm sold. I guess that's why a good chunk of my music is instrumental or remixed. Music is fuel to my writing, it inspires moods, scenes, characters, plot, everything! My body is a canvas, music is the paint, the color, the LIFE.

By the way, Guitar Hero is like a gateway drug for music. You will discover bands and songs you never even considered while still jamming to your favorites. But even above GH is Youtube and a little site i like to call Hype Machine. I can neither dance or play an instrument, but music makes me want to do both with a fiery passion that overtakes me like typhoons wreck islands. I've had songs throw me in the pits of depression and be okay with it, only to listen to another playlist that made life seem like pure beauty. Music is just that powerful, don't fuck with it. Music is the addiction that needs no cure. SO! I will now introduce the world to the songs that have made a stark difference in my life...I'll just have to scroll through my zune to find them first.

Ten Songs That Changed Me (in NO particular order)
1. Violet Hill - Coldplay: I can't describe it, it needs no words, it's just good.
2. One More Time - Daft Punk: Sweet Mother of JESUS this song is one i heard while overseas in Japan on Toonami, and it haunted me until i downloaded it on iTunes years later. It brought Electronica to my front door and is an honored house guest for LIFE. (it would be number one if i was ranking these bitches).
3. SpottieOttieDopaliscious - Outkast: This song's title still doesnt make much sense to me, but the story it tells does, and that trumpet in the background is smooth as hell.
4. Death Becomes Him - Whitechapel: Some sick part of my soul craves this song, and I like it, simples as that. No screaming, just heavy ass guitar and drums.
5.Joga - Bjork: Fuck. ing. shit. This song just overpowers me, and has once brought me to tears. I feel like im high above the world and earthly concerns when i listen to this...its just...damn.
6.Papercut - Linkin Park: What an album opener. If i had to put anything by linkin park, it would have to be this. Linkin Park defined my teen angst years, and appealed to the fact that everyone has a dark side. Listen to the lyrics, do it.
7.Distance - Kaskade: Ah, i knew this list was missing something. While most of Kaskade's music would make me go bi for him, this song was just special. Its not even my favorite from him, it just resonates with me more. And its smooth as fuck.
8.Mizerable - Gackt: Dear christ, i almost forgot GACKT, and the song that introduced me to Visual Kei, which was my prominent genre for like 2 yrs. Ah, Gackt~ ♥
9.Find It Hard - The Bridges: Oh dear, one of the two country-ish songs i can actually stand, the other again being by this band. See thats just it, it made me branch into a genre i hated, and recoiled from, but this group stuck with me.
10.End It Tonight (Seekae Remix) - Teenagers In Tokyo: How the hell did I almost forget this...its this post's TITLE for Christ's sake. This song wraps up this list more because Seekae's spin on it than TiT themselves. I've never had the kind of chill, spacey, imaginative thoughts that this song gave me before...until Hype Machine slapped me in the face with it. If i could keep count of how many times i've played this...the number would probably scare me. I love it, simple as that. The original is okay though.

Many songs did not make the list, i can tell you that now. From Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco to Prayer by Hyde, many other songs stir up something deep in me, but this list was supposed to originally be five songs, before i figured out that wasn't enough! Thank you music, you've saved my life.

May they bury me with a pair of earbuds firmly stuck in my ears,


Saturday, July 10, 2010

4 Minutes til Lockdown.

Actually, its more like half an hr, but hey, who's counting. I'm down in the south visiting my family for the weekend, and im having a pretty good time. Okay, i don't get much sleep, but besides that, I'm having a pretty good time. I didnt know my family had this many people in this many places, but I guess you learn something new everyday. We had some people coming from faaar up north in a BUS for christ's sake. And speaking of Christ, these people are pretty religious. So far, it hasn't been overbearing like i thought it would be, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow: Sunday. I have gotten to sit and chill with some members, and you can tell we're from the same family, especially my "cousin" (he's only a couple years younger than my dad). He acts just like my dad and uncle...ah, gotta love family. I do wish that one of my cousins, who is in the Air Force atm, could have made it, but he's still in training. I texted him a bit, and he seems a little sad that he's missing out on this.

I've been getting along with my half sister, which kinda surprised me, but i was hoping it would happen. If she wasn't here, I would probably regret goin on this trip. The drive down wasn't too bad either. I didn't get to drive, but i'm not even sure i would have been able to handle it, like she could. She drove from where she lives (6 hrs from my place) to Charlotte, which took about 7 hrs. Knowing she probably got less sleep than i did, I was impressed. My pops was knocked out, which is completely ironic, seeing as his snoring kept us from getting to sleep the last two nights. I may need more coffee before we get busy today. Well, thats pretty much all I have time to post today. Maybe i'll summarize this trip when I get back home. If im not too tired, which I probably will be >:P

Song of the post:
4 Minutes Til Lockdown - Redman (and some others). It's rap, but some lines crack me up, its good stuff, if not a little dated since it came out last year. Check it out.