Saturday, July 10, 2010

4 Minutes til Lockdown.

Actually, its more like half an hr, but hey, who's counting. I'm down in the south visiting my family for the weekend, and im having a pretty good time. Okay, i don't get much sleep, but besides that, I'm having a pretty good time. I didnt know my family had this many people in this many places, but I guess you learn something new everyday. We had some people coming from faaar up north in a BUS for christ's sake. And speaking of Christ, these people are pretty religious. So far, it hasn't been overbearing like i thought it would be, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow: Sunday. I have gotten to sit and chill with some members, and you can tell we're from the same family, especially my "cousin" (he's only a couple years younger than my dad). He acts just like my dad and uncle...ah, gotta love family. I do wish that one of my cousins, who is in the Air Force atm, could have made it, but he's still in training. I texted him a bit, and he seems a little sad that he's missing out on this.

I've been getting along with my half sister, which kinda surprised me, but i was hoping it would happen. If she wasn't here, I would probably regret goin on this trip. The drive down wasn't too bad either. I didn't get to drive, but i'm not even sure i would have been able to handle it, like she could. She drove from where she lives (6 hrs from my place) to Charlotte, which took about 7 hrs. Knowing she probably got less sleep than i did, I was impressed. My pops was knocked out, which is completely ironic, seeing as his snoring kept us from getting to sleep the last two nights. I may need more coffee before we get busy today. Well, thats pretty much all I have time to post today. Maybe i'll summarize this trip when I get back home. If im not too tired, which I probably will be >:P

Song of the post:
4 Minutes Til Lockdown - Redman (and some others). It's rap, but some lines crack me up, its good stuff, if not a little dated since it came out last year. Check it out.


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  1. Really. I wouldn't be commenting if well, yeah...I knew that you were on Skype for a few days...Just couldn't find the energy to say hi and stuff. Nice to know that you're having a great time. Wish I could kinda say the same about me but you know...I'll fill you in when you return. Have a safe trip.

    - Emiifire