Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coffee Break

Hello Everyone, as I sit here with a cold cup of coffee, I decided to grace this page with a short update on the things going on around me. To start off, the good news (at least in my mind): Part one of my goal is complete, I now have a 16 GB Zune HD. A full review of the device will be here in the coming days, along with a comparison to previous devices I have used. As for life, well, it is easy to tell college is around the corner. From the course-load to the college applications patiently sitting in my bookmarks, I really need to get busy. My first moves will be the college essays and getting my Portfolio ready for University of Illinois and any other college that requests it.

Another part of this phase is the Letters of Recomendation. Not all colleges accept them, or even like them, but a scholarship I am applying for REQUIRES it, along with a copious amount of essays. These next two months shall be fun. I will attempt to recreate a site I once created in Dreamweaver, but the finer points of it, like the table, will be a little more difficult. I'll keep you all updated in my work, wish me luck.

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