Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well then, its official: life gives me a headache. I guess I shouldnt complain, because I acutally got a couple things done, college wise. I got three teachers to agree to do letters of recomendation for me, now I just hope they can make my half-decent grades and activity levels look good on paper. Thats pretty much all the good news though.

English was interesting, since we got our improptus back. Too bad I failed to notice the whole "racism, black girl, lynching" bit in the story we had to use for the essay. I mean, it outright said "dark brown hand" so yeaaaa, Im trying to figure out just how out of my gourd I was Friday morning. In physics, I ended up wasting a whole period that was given to do the homeowrk, since I was stupid enough to do the wrong homework. Yaay me...alright, I'm done whining. Thats not why I made this blog.

Anyone who knows me knows I listen to a myriad of different music. Lately, the song I have been keeping on repeat is the Throw It In The Bag remix feat. Drake. However, it doesn't take a rap aficionado to realize that Fabulous cannot rap. I love Drake's verse, and realized that I was talking about a likes the older women?? Anyways, I was ecstatic when I found the instrumental for this song, because the beat is smooth. This song would have worked better as a Drake only release, but alas we can never have everything we want. My personal review of the Zune HD will be coming by this weekend, and to snub my friend. HAH sucker theres no coffee this time. Anyways, later all. I might do something with this site this weekend.


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